Copper lamps


Metallic colors have become very fashionable in recent years, and copper lamps in particular, with their reddish and earthy tones, have gained popularity among Danes. Copper lamps are highly decorative and the shiny surfaces bring glowing and warm light reflections around the room, working beautifully with all neutral colors for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in many varieties - both for the elegant and stylish home, but also for more rustic decor. Copper is used for many purposes; be it cables, computer components and wires, as the metal is a good conductor of electricity and heat. In addition, copper is a nice and soft metal to work with. The red color of the metal is due to the electron compounds that work in copper. In short, these electron compounds have an easier time emitting the amount of energy in the natural red light that is reflected back.

There is probably no desk that this stylish and elegant copper lamp wouldn't look good on. The 205 table lamp in black and copper from Lampe Gras provides comfortable and direct light that is also pleasant to read and write by. With the adjustable arms, the lamp can be turned and rotated in many directions so that the light hits just the right spot. 205 is also available with a chrome frame.
Also among the floor lamps, there are elegant models that are ready to give your interior a real shot of elegance. The Minerva from Lindby uses an industrial look in its design and stands on a tripod that resembles something you would clamp an SLR camera to. This gives the lamp an exciting contrast and the elegant parabolic shade adds interest and beauty to the beautiful floor lamp.
If your home's ceiling lighting needs a shot of elegance as well as practicality, we can't recommend anything other than the iconic Joudy series from Lindby. The wonderful Joudy 4 ceiling light is spot lighting that breaks the stereotype that spotlights are anonymous, small light sources on the ceiling. Lindby uses shiny brass to create the four light sources, which are stunning pointed towards both wardrobes as well as around the room, and really spice up the space.
For a more robust and industrial look, we recommend the Julin from Lindby, which functions as four spotlights on two separate rails that meet in a single canopy. The architectural lamp-like spotlights use a sleek black design, and inside each spotlight, the inside of the shade is clad in copper-colored metal. The beautiful ceiling light is highly adjustable and provides both practical and comfortable light as each shade can be rotated and adjusted.
In the world of wall lights, you may come across Karam from Arcchio, which is extremely minimal and almost futuristic in its appearance. A single piece of bent metal forms the outer shade that protects and hides the inside of the lamp. The metal is colored black, but inside the curve is a ruffled, copper-colored piece of metal that reflects the built-in LED track both up and down the wall on which the lamp hangs. Use the lamp in the living room, office or hallway, where it's sure to add an extra splash of color.
Copper lamps are of course also both decorative and suitable as outdoor lighting!
This Rørhat from Light Point with its beautiful and simple semicircle is ideal for placing in your garden bed or along the driveway. It allows you to add names or addresses underneath the lamp and can also be used at the entrance to the house. Rørhat is also available for mounting directly on the wall.
At Lampmasters you will find a large selection of copper lamps for your home or garden!