Bathroom lamps

As a luxurious place to take a break, the bathroom calls for lamps that create the perfect light. Our collection is home to bathroom lamps that can transform your bathroom into a relaxed and practical wellness area that maintains a perfect light by the mirror. Bathroom lamps might be low on the list of priorities when it comes to finding lighting solutions for the home, but the light by the mirror is often insufficient, and in many cases, it’s the only light in the room. Our advice is to avoid placing a lamp above the mirror that shines straight at your forehead and creates shadows. A bathroom lamp at eye level on either side of the mirror is perfect for doing your makeup or shaving your face. Spots are also a great solution as they ‘fill’ the room in a decorative way. Meanwhile, you want the lamp to contribute a good light that allows you to move safely around the room without compromising on the aesthetic

Gesina Ceiling Lamp Alu from Arcchio is a simple and incredibly elegant design that blends seamlessly into most styles of décor. The ceiling lamp consists of three cylindrical units, the middle one of which features a solid base for attaching to the ceiling, whereas the two others contain light sources that can be adjusted to your desired direction. The lamp is made of aluminium with a brushed finish, creating an exclusive and modern expression that gives your bathroom that extra touch. The light sources are also dimmable, so you can control the lamp’s brightness as you see fit. Gesina is a guaranteed way to bring high functionality and a stylish design into your décor, turning your bathroom into a nice place to be.

Gesina also comes in other beautiful colours – find them here!

Kyron Ceiling Lamp Black from Lindby is a work of art and a lamp, making this design a functional light source as well as a decorative addition to your bathroom. Kyron is made of aluminium and has a matte black finish, creating an exclusive, modern look that suits most styles of décor. The lamp’s lovely aluminium arches command attention and guide the admiring eyes of your guests to the ceiling. It features an integrated LED light concealed behind a white silicone edge that distributes the light in a soft and comfortable glare-free way. You can also dim the lamp using a conventional switch, so you can adjust the brightness depending on whether you need a clear light or a cosy glow in the bathroom.

Kyron also comes in other stunning colours – find them here!
Mahdi Wall Lamp Opal/Chrome from Arcchio is simplicity and elegance simplified. The lamp has a classic, timeless expression that blends seamlessly into any style of décor, whether traditional or modern. Mahdi comprises a lovely glossy chrome base, which is mounted directly on the wall, and an exquisite opal glass lampshade that emits a clear, warm white, glare-free glow that bathes the room in a warm and cosy atmosphere. You can also rotate the lampshade, so the light shines exactly where you want it, and the light source is dimmable, so the level of brightness always matches your mood.
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Ice Cube Classic wall and ceiling lamp in copper from Fabbian is a stylish and beautiful lamp with a classic, simple touch that fits seamlessly into any room and looks stunning in modern bathrooms in particular. Made from pressed crystal, featuring a metal fixture.
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IC C/W Wall and Ceiling Lamp from Flos is a study of balance. The designer, Michael Anastassiades, watched a video of a juggler spinning a set of balls on their arms and fingertips. Suddenly, all the balls lay perfectly still, and this elegant lamp is the result of Anastassiades trying to immortalise that magical moment. Simply stunning, and perfect for all bathrooms, including older and classic ones.

An example of this could be the Metropoli wall and ceiling lamp from Luceplan. It has a simple yet elegant expression, and the die cast aluminium frame creates a diffuse and comfortable light.
But a bathroom lamp should, first and foremost, be protected against water and steam. Safety is our top priority. As a rule of thumb, you can place all lamps 60 cm from the bathtub and 120 cm from the showerhead. Read our guide to IP ratings here.

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