An experience for all the senses


Danish MENU invited us to visit their Audo. We were ready, excited and boarded the train in West Jutland. Upon arrival at Nordhavnen and with a sight of a beautiful, burnt red building, we are greeted by MENU's Audo, which is one of the oldest buildings at Nordhavnen - what this Audo actually means, we learned during the day.

AUDO - Ab Uno Disce Omnes - From One, Learn All

It was morning, gray and dreary weather, but the welcome at the reception was a ray of sunshine and we immediately felt welcome and at home. In the welcome area, we were greeted by beautiful, natural and warm tones, a buzz of guests working in the beautiful surroundings and guests just stopping by for a cup of coffee.

MENU - a family story

We have moved to the grand staircase, which in a very natural way is almost the heart of the interior design. Whether it's the beautiful details or the curiosity to see more that draws you in is anyone's guess...

A welcome from MENU and then the first presentation was kicked off by Joachim Kornbek Hansen - 3rd generation. A story with roots all the way back to 1978 when the company was actually a steel factory (Norup Stålfabrik). Joachim's grandfather was employed at the steel factory and was given the choice of losing his job - his livelihood - or buying the remains of the factory. His grandfather cherished the family and the security of having a steady income. With a proud look and a certain amount of nostalgia, Joachim tells us that his grandparents had to pawn a gold watch to find the capital to take over the steel factory. There's no doubt that this is a proud family history and that the gold watch, which is still in the family's possession, has provided the setting for this adventure and a lot of great stories for friends and family - and now also shared with us.

The grandfather, Simon Hansen, was first and foremost a man of finance and was driven to put bread on the table for the family and secure their future. At the time, the company had no ambitions for an international adventure.

Joachim's father, Bjarne Hansen, became the second generation of the family-owned business, and with him, the vision really took off. With Bjarne's vision, collaboration with external designers began - a strategy that has continued to this day. In the beginning, what we know as MENU today was mostly known for smaller accessories, primarily for the kitchen.
MENU; a name, a brand, a coincidence

MENU; a name, a brand, a coincidence

If, like us, you've wondered about the name - and perhaps even more so now that we know that it all started as a steel factory and later became kitchen accessories, well, it's actually more of a coincidence than anything else.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, designer Bent Falk was on vacation in Greece. He found a tin sign with the word MENU on it. He thought it was a bit funny and brought it home to Denmark. MENU became part of history even then, but initially as a series. When the company changed style and direction, the MENU name was not completely forgotten. MENU had a nice ring to it, and with a little research, it was discovered that it means "details" in French. Now there was no doubt! It was the name that would shape the future.

As we sit and listen and eagerly take notes, you can't help but be impressed and fall in love with the story of MENU.

The Audo - now and in the future!

With The Audo, a lot of amazing thoughts have been thought of, which fits completely with the DNA MENU as a brand wants to have. After a great story about the Audo, we have been let loose and ready to explore for ourselves. We are IMPRESSED; it's so aesthetically beautiful and you feel right at home. Every detail is well thought out, well considered and in line with the rest of the interior.

The vision has been to blur the lines between workplace and home. Joachim explained that with Connected Spaces, they want to give us the WHOLE experience and show the brand in its function. Going through MENU's products should be an experience. In just one hour, they have managed to let us experience MENU. The coffee was served in a MENU pot, we drink from MENU glasses, sit in a large, beautiful modular sofa from MENU, and our eyes are drawn to beautiful lamps and accessories from MENU. MENU has really gotten under our skin - and we've only been here for an hour.

The Audo offers something for everyone, no matter what your reason for visiting.
Need an extra special overnight stay? Then book a room at the hotel, have breakfast in the café, browse the shop for exciting products, check out the library or use it as your workplace for the day - the coffee is great, the atmosphere and the setting are fantastic. With a vision to create a "space" where we can be together and be inspired, you can't help but be impressed, overwhelmed and captivated - mission accomplished.

"We want to make the world a better place."
The Audo is a flexible playground.

MENU; a designer brand

With three clear and distinct design values, the strategy is set for how a MENU product should look. A strategy that began in earnest in 2010, when MENU introduced the Soft Minimalism style: A style that is warm, soft and homely. Warm in its colors, shades and materials; soft in its expression; homely in the Danish way - where we can perhaps sneak in our Danish word "hygge". With Soft Minimalism, they want to create designs that are rigorous but comfortable.

The three design values are described as follows:
1. Clean - A touch of Soft Minimalism and simple beauty
2. Clever - Well-considered details, functional and innovative
3. Natural - Neutral tones, warm colors, modern, understated and natural

And MENU is beautiful, it works, and the shades are warm - you want to stay seated on the large modular sofa, and it's almost hard not to linger for a while.
An amazing experience

An amazing experience

Rich in impressions and experiences, we are ready to retire to our hotel room. MENU's Audo gets all our recommendations. If you are in Copenhagen, stop by and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The Audo
Århusgade 130
2150 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 31 26 30 80

Read much more about what The Audo offers on their website:!