AJ Bellevue

The famous architect and designer, Arne Jacobsen, first created AJ Bellevue back 1929, and his first lamp has since gone on to become an icon in Danish design history. Nowadays, Arne Jacobsen’s lamps are relaunched by &Tradition, with the AJ Bellevue wall lamp, table lamp, and floor lamp all being part of the Arne Jacobsen Bellevue collection. &Tradition breathes new life into the classic and timeless design, making it better suited for the modern day in terms of materials and colours while still respecting the original designs and materials. No matter which of the stunning Arne Jacobsen Bellevue lamps you choose, you are guaranteed a lovely design icon that will be with you for life.

Arne Jacobsen Bellevue

The lamp has a thoroughly Scandinavian style with neat, minimalist lines and organic shapes that demonstrate Arne Jacobsen’s sense of detail and uncompromising approach to style and functionality. Arne Jacobsen Bellevue lamps come in various colours and materials, such as satin-polished brass, black, white, and grey beige with a brass neck, and the same materials are used across the various models. Staying faithful to Arne Jacobsen’s original concept, &Tradition has also made Bellevue available in the three versions originally created by the designer. All the Bellevue Arne Jacobsen lamps have a practical gooseneck design, allowing you to twist the light in whatever direction you need. The 45-degree lampshade also ensures a glare-free glow. All the lamps in the Arne Jacobsen Bellevue collection are equipped with a dimmer, so you can adjust the light to any given situation or atmosphere.

All the models come in a range of colours, so the perfect lamp for your lighting and décor needs is out there. For example, you can place the Arne Jacobsen Bellevue floor lamp AJ7 by the couches or in a cosy reading nook, where it contributes a beautiful light and commands attention like a true design icon. Alternatively, you can use the Arne Jacobsen Bellevue wall lamp AJ9 next to your bed or as a reading lamp in the living room as its flexible neck allows you to adjust the light source to suit your needs. You can also place the Arne Jacobsen Bellevue table lamp AJ8 on your desk, bedside table, or bookshelf, where the flexible lamp head ensures that you always have the perfect light on hand.
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