Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen Lamps

In partnership with Tivoli, Normann Copenhagen is launching a collection of interior design products to transfer the magical atmosphere of the gardens to your home. Inspired by the magic and unique atmosphere of the gardens, Normann Copenhagen has designed pendants, table, and wall lamps, all of which lend their elegant reflections to a fairy tale-like atmosphere regardless of where you place them. Their designs are characterised by magic and intriguing shapes, but their expressions remain aesthetic and beautiful.

Experience sucking candy-coloured pendants with twisted lines as well as table and wall lamps inspired by the round shape of a balloon and the unique architecture of Tivoli. Browse the entire collection below.

Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen lamps

The Danish design firm has been creating popular lighting solutions for years and this brand-new partnership marks the addition of another amazing collection.

The designers behind the collection have browsed through the old archives of Tivoli and found inspiration in patterns, shapes, and atmospheres around the garden. Are you going to let yourself be inspired by the diverse expression of the old gardens? You can browse all the lamps in the collection at Lampemesteren.

Lamps with a hint of Tivoli

Normann Copenhagen elegantly captures the magical and atmospheric vibe in Tivoli Gardens, part of which can be attributed to the positioning of the gardens in central Copenhagen. Smack in the middle of the busy streets and bustling central station, you’ll find the most beautiful and second-oldest amusement park in all of Denmark.
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