Cable-mounted dimmer

The dimming feature has become standard in most homes. This is primarily because we have discovered the importance of having light fixtures that fulfil our every need, from an energetic work light to a dimmed glow for a cosy evening. If you want to pair a specific lamp with a dimmer, a cable dimmer might be a good solution—whether it’s for a wall lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp.
Dimmer Rondo Halogen/LED - Flos
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The practical options represented by dimming your lights are endless. Just think of a romantic candlelight dinner where you dim the lights ever so slightly and adjust the other candles in the room. The cosy, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere washes over you, turning the night into something unforgettable.

Think about when it’s time to clear the table after your romantic dinner. Perhaps you’ve had a little accident, and a handful of crumbs have ended up on the floor. Simply by sliding your finger across a potentiometer, you transform the light into a powerful glow that helps you clear up the crumbs and make sure you don’t trip over anything on your way to the kitchen.

LED dimmer for cable

The fact that we use LED bulbs rather than halogen and incandescent bulbs is no excuse to postpone your dimmer project. Installing a cable dimmer on an LED lamp is as easy as pie, and if you know how to install a dimmer on an old-fashioned lamp, you already know how to do it on a modern one. The concept is the same.

If you know nothing about installing dimmers and the idea of taking apart a beloved lamp’s cable terrifies you, then we recommend our Dimmer Knowledge article all about dimmers! We go into more depth and explain how to pick a dimmer that suits your lamp’s wattage. Find the article here!

Dimmer for lamp

Most people choose to install their dimmers on the cable of a wall, table, or floor lamp, using it as a tactile version of a smart bulb. The two solutions aren’t mutually exclusive, but don’t mount a smart bulb in a lamp fitted with a cable dimmer.

The dimmer on the cable can’t be adjusted automatically, and you can’t adjust it using an app either. What you can do is feel the dimmer, and you don’t need to rummage around for your phone every time you want to adjust the light. You just reach for the dimmer and move the switch up or down as you see fit.

If you want a combination of a cable dimmer and smart bulbs, we recommend checking out our article about Philips Hue or diving into our ‘Value for Money’ Smart Home lamps!
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