NEW PRODUCT from UMAGE - Eos Evia and Esther in new sizes

4 April 2022
NEW PRODUCT from UMAGE - Eos Evia and Esther in new sizes
We have good news at Lampemesteren! UMAGE has just launched the aesthetic, unique, and sustainable Eos Esther and Evia lampshades in a lovely new size. UMAGE is a Danish designer brand that proudly does its best every single day to create exceptional designs with a sustainable edge. Søren Ravn Christensen, the creative developer and founder of UMAGE, has established a brand that manufactures practical, durable, and unique lamps with a focus on sustainable solutions and high-quality materials. The Eos collection is nothing short of a success in this endeavour with its incredibly aesthetic and unique goose feather style.

Feather lamp

UMAGE has created the Eos feather lamps and Eos feather lampshades in two versions—Esther and Evia—both of which are made with goose feather, creating an aesthetic and eye-catching touch whether the lamp is on or not. The individual feathers allow the light to emerge as a soft, lovely, and comfortable glow, resulting in an atmospheric light that radiates warmth and a cosy touch. The new Eos mini lampshades have the same feel, atmosphere, and aesthetic as the original Eos lampshades but comes in a new diameter and a height of 35 and 20 cm in the Esther model and a diameter and height of 30 and 26 cm in the Evia edition. Esther and Evia also come in a range of charming, colourful hues that add to the lampshades’ decorative value, making an Eos lampshade an artistic addition to your décor guaranteed to command attention. What’s more, you can buy an Eos feather lamp with a clear conscience because UMAGE is focused on climate-friendly products and animal rights. As a result, the brand only uses RDS-certified feathers.

You can use the unique, sophisticated lampshades exactly as you please, whether that’s as a table lamp, floor lamp, or pendant. Put together the lamp you need using one of the various stands and mounts in the collection, and give your home a refined and exclusive touch. Find the perfect suspension or stand here.

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