IP44.de Lamps

Thanks to new technologies and high-quality materials, the IP44.de outdoor lamps can withstand all sorts of adverse weather. The anodised finish helps protect the lamp against rust and ensures that you get a durable product that will look the same for years to come.

Perfect lamps that refuse to compromise – exclusively designed and manufactured in Germany. “Made in Germany” says a lot about the quality standard, and for this reason, the “.de” identifier was integrated into the logo. The name is borrowed from the industrial IP44 standard, which tells us how protected a product is against foreign bodies and water.

If you ask what makes the IP44.de lamps stand out from the crowd, the answer is simple: “The combination of extraordinary aesthetic design and perfect functionality.”

The story behind IP44.de

IP44.de Outdoor Lamps was founded by Bernd Schmalhorst in 1993. For three generations, his family had traded in lighting, and throughout the decades, they had run into the same problem time and time again: when it came to outdoor lighting, there wasn’t a product that they could recommend with a clean conscience. So, Bernd Schmalhorst decided to develop a solution to the problem himself.

The first designs were made using the family’s own resources. But before long, IP44.de decided to start working together with other experienced designers. Their unique ideas and concepts soon resulted in the company receiving their first design award. A string of awards followed – their outdoor lamps are just as aesthetically lovely as the most amazing indoor lamps.

IP44.de have made their impression on the architectural world, too. They have worked with planners and architects around the world for a range of public projects. There are IP44.de outdoor wall lamps in the loveliest places around not just Europe, but also the United States and Asia.

IP44.de continue to strive towards doing better across the board. To help them achieve this, they collaborate with the designers that have been supporting them since the very beginning. These partnerships have let to the Gap outdoor wall lamp , designed by Klaus Nolting in two new edition, as well as a new version of the Shot garden lamp by Sebastian Büscher. The latter is a successful garden lamp in the shape of a cannonball. The lamp has now moved up the wall, allowing you to mount it using a wall bracket. It’s attached at the desired height and provides flexible lighting, perfect for the garden, the front of your house, or the entryway.
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